Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bako National Park in Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

On the island of Borneo you can find this wonderful national park which is worth a day trip . Only in Costa Rica  have I seen such  lush vegetation and variety of free and wild animals.

Wear comfortable trekking shoes and clothes and you will enjoy thoroughly if you like nature as much as I do. There is a small place on the island where you can eat and buy drinks. The guides are experienced and the splendid weather made our time in Bako unforgettable.

Early in the morning we left from Kutching on a boat and disembarked on a beach. The scenery was breathtaking .

Our guide took us to different parts of the park and we had a great time taking pictures of the wildlife.

Some monkeys were on the paths and a bit frightening. We were instructed not to look at them in the eye and we did so. Their hollering made my hair stand on an end.

This one was the scariest.
We had lunch in the park and then walked around to take more photographs.

If you have the chance, don't miss it !

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