Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Secrets we Keep by Kate White: review.

The Secrets You Keep
This is not my first book by Kate White and it will certainly not be the last one. I read it while having breakfast and then again while having lunch and then again before falling asleep, it's difficult to put it down!. It's as difficult as guessing who did IT, because all the characters seem guilty in one way or another.

The fact that the main character is a clueless self-help book writer, IMO adds some kind of weird sense of humour to the plot. But if you think about what may prevent an educated woman from seeing the truth... you may (or may not) be closer to finding out who the culprit(s) was(were).

I strongly recommend to leave this book for one of those days you have no errands to run.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Walking around Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia.

Georgetown is one of the most tourist friendly towns I have ever visited. It's a pleasure to walk along its streets full of colourful houses,shops and temples .

We had lunch at The Sire , which apart from being a restaurant , it has a small museum on the upper floor. The good was good and the place was very tastefuly decorated.

 Then , we continued walking around the town.I remember it was scorching hot but the town is certainly worth more than one visit.

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