Sunday, 20 May 2018

Cobra Kai: Fun & Values

For nostalgic fans of Karate Kid ( the original one) here comes a new TV show not only based on the main characters but also with the same actors. I wasn't so much into the film but I really like the series, it has good values and fun in equal measure.

Best Friends Forever by Margot Hut: opinion.

Best Friends Forever
What I liked most about this book was the ending. I just didn't see it coming at all. I could've connected the dots but I just didn't. It was thoroughly entertaining with a twist for those who like being surprised.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda: review.

Best Day Ever
I don't know why on earth I was slightly reluctant to start reading this novel. Once I started it, yesterday in the morning, I just couldn't stop reading it and by 3 p.m. I had completely finished it. I devoured it like a famished reader. Even if it was a horrible story ( unfortunately I know some people just like Paul Strom), it was written in such an entertaining style and ended in such a satisfactory way that I feel I need to recommend it to all female (perhaps also some male) readers who want to see a bad guy get a little bit of his own medicine.

You Think It, I'll Say It: by Curtis Sittenfeld

You Think It, I'll Say It
I liked some stories more than others and there were a couple that I disliked. However, this book is worth reading because it is insightful, well written and you will relate to some of the characters and will probably nod when you read the outcome of some stories. I need to check other books by this author.

Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy : review

Pretty Dead Girls

I think this book is meant for young readers who are fans of Pretty Little Liars. People who may think that you can be friends with a person and then accuse him or her of murder and continue being friends. Or that you can treat someone really badly and get away with it just because you are the cool one. This book both bored me and enraged me in equal measure.

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