Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass: reading order and opinion.

I started with The Selection by mere chance, I didn't have any other book available at the moment and was in the mood for something NICE  and simple, preferably romantic; just an easy good read for the Christmas season which would have nothing to do with Christmas.

What started by chance, soon became something that I was looking forward to, but as I finished the novel The Selection I found out that this saga was extensive and decided to classify it in an orderly way. 
This is the official order,I hope you find it useful: 

 Queen Amberly's selection.
Prince Maxon's point of view.
A regular girl may become a queen.
Six women left for one heart.
The story from Aspen's point of view.
The story from Marlee's point of view.
America  the queen.
What happens two years later
Princess Eadlyn's own selection.

If you feel like reading a fairy tale, this series is for you. There are many clich├ęs and the plot is quite simple and predictable at times but reading a nice book off and on is good for busy minds.

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