Thursday, 10 April 2014

Killer in Crinolines by Duffy Brown: My First Cozy Mystery

Killer in Crinolines

Can murder be cozy? Apparently yes. The so called Cozy Mysteries or Cozies downplay hard situations and make them almost sweet.

My first approach to this genre has been with Killer in Crinolines by  Duffy Brown . In the novel a shady groom is stabbed to death and Reagan Summerside , the owner of a consignment shop is determined to save a friend who has been wrongly accused of the murder.

It is indeed a very relaxing and enjoyable novel, full of dangerous and at the same time funny moments and lots of doughnuts, cakes ,drinks and a hot guy. You can almost hear the southern accent of the characters ( I would love to have the audiobook since I find it delightful) and feel the summer heat in Savannah .

This is a fun-read when you just want to get away from it all , ideal for anytime, really.

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