Friday, 4 April 2014

Flame by Amy Kathleen Ryan : Review

Flame (Sky Chasers, #3) 272!!!  pages only ! That was my first though when I began this book,which by the way I didn't want to start because I didn't want to finish the best YA sci-fi trilogy EVER.

How disappointing (or human) are the crew members depicted by Amy Kathleen Ryan and the truth about how everything started is definitely heart-breaking .But given the way Spark ended I supposed  that things were going to get worse before improving.

On page 24 I am aghast at how fast I am reading ,I am going to finish it in no time.It is definitely a page turner.

After reading page 91 I had a cup of  Darjeeling tea.

It goes without saying that Seth goes through hell and Weaverly takes her sweet time to finally make up her mind.

 On page  262 my heart skipped a beat !

What an amazing story of survival ,true love and friendship. Cheesy?, well, isn't happiness a relief after such an ordeal?.I am a huge fan of books that make you feel good when you turn the last page.

A continuation , if possible, would be certainly welcome and  I wish they made a film based on these books , just to see the ships, specially the rainforest which reminds me of the rainforest in KLIA.

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