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Elusion Review by Claudia Gabe and Cheryl Klam

Elusion describes a society in which life has become so unbearable for regular citizens that they only wish to escape from the harsh reality even if it is inside their minds.Using some Equips and Apps designed by  a company called Orexis,the people from Detroit  are able to get away for an hour to idyllic landscapes where feelings are always positive. Wonderful beaches, high mountains and the possibility of enjoying kisses like you have never felt them before, just like in a pleasant dream. So far, so good, who wouldn't like to go to a trouble free place everyday for a while?

However for Reagan Welch going back to Elusion means having to come back again and return to the realisation that her father, the creator of the program is no longer with her.Not until she feels compelled to protect the reputation of her father does she go back , only to find that both her fears and hopes can come true at the same time.

Reagan is trying to live with the fact that her father is gone and her mother isn't  doing well. No wonder she finds it all quite difficult ,keeps missing classes and getting demerits .Her only support is her childhood friend Patrick .

Patrick, a computer genius who worded with Regan's father, comes across, in my opinion , as a weak character. He may be incredibly talented in his area of expertise but he's a mess when it comes to relationships. His mother, the CEO of Orexis ,plays an important role in the way he behaves, I'm afraid.

Josh is almost  as cute as most YA novels' hot guys.Mind you, he's not so perfect but when push comes to shove he stands by Regan's side .However, their affair is not as romantic as some readers may expect .

David Welch was before his disappearance an absent father and husband, working round the clock and mentoring Patrick . His relationship with Regan wasn't as good as it should have been.

Avery Leavenworth is Regan's sworn enemy .Her  girlfriend Nora is gone and she is willing to do anything to bring Elusion down. She has quite a big mouth and a very peculiar style.

Both authors had something new to add to the vast collection of dystopian novels that abound nowadays.

If I could choose my own escapes I would like to :

Enjoy the beautiful view of a rice terrace in Bali

Do ice trekking in Argentina without breaking a leg.

Explore a rainforest in Costa Rica with friendly mosquitoes.

                                                                  Eat lots of cupcakes.

 Go on a cruise in Halong Bay and stay up at night to see the stars.  

                                       Sunbathe on a Thai  beach,swim a little and sunbathe again.


Aftershock : The symptoms people experience after having being inside Elusion. They include inability to move or speak and dizziness.

Acid rain:  Another result of extreme pollution.If our rain gives us bad hair days imagine what their acid rain could do .

CIT: The organisation that has to approve Elusion.

Digital Photocubes: A cool gadget in the shape of a cube that you shake to see photographs.

Donor cycles: Some  dangerous  roads in Detroit.

E-fiend: Young people who are addicted to Elusion.

Equips and apps: The technology that allows people to enter the world of Elusion. A microlaser visor,audio buds,  an acrylic wristband and an application.

Escapes: The different landscapes that you can visit inside Elusion.
ExSet: Exhilaration Settings which enable the user to control brain stimulation.

Florapetro:  A modern version of our petrol which can be used as fuel and to make all sorts of things such as glasses.

Hypersoar: The vehicle aboard which David Welch  allegedly had a fatal accident.

MealFreeze: A drink with the nutritional contents of a meal.It sounds quite disgusting to me!

Oxygen shield: A mask to protect people from the polluted air when they are outside.

Passcard: A card with credits to pay for everything.

Standard 7 cycle: Their timetable for work and school:seven a.m to seven p.m. seven days a week.
Tabs: Tablets, I guess much better than ours.

Traxx: Turbotrain . Like our train or underground system during rush-hour:crowded and with frequent delays.

Trypnosis:A combination of hypnosis techniques needed to go into Elusion.

Walden  by Hery Thoreau: David Welch's favourite book. Published in 1854 describes the period the author spent at Walden pond living a simple life .Here is a list of laws that Thoreau mentions in his book:

One must love that of the wild just as much as one loves that of the good.

What men already know instinctively is true humanity.

The hunter is the greatest friend of the animal which is hunted.

No human older than an adolescent would wantonly murder any creature which reveres its own life as much as the killer.

If the day and the night make one joyful, one is successful.

The highest form of self-restraint is when one can subsist not on other animals, but of plants and crops cultivated from the earth(These laws are from Wikipedia)

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