Monday, 20 January 2014

Where to shop in Bangkok , Thailand :Terminal 21 Shopping Centre

If you are a fan of shopping centres Terminal 21 is a must, it is not the biggest in Bangkok or the one with the best bargains but the design of the building is state-of-the-art and the originality and the beauty of each floor makes it unique.The facade is impressive, specially at night.



The shopping mall is designed just like it was an airport terminal building and each floor is a destination :  The Caribbean, Rome, Paris, Tokyo,London , Istanbul and San Francisco + Hollywood. Everything, including the restrooms ,  is decorated to remind the visitor of the name of the floor.

Besides it is really easy to get there by both BTS and MRT. There is a wide variety of restaurants to chose from and many shops .

The Caribbean is on the lower ground floor and it boast an amazing lighthouse.

Rome is on the ground floor  and there is even a fountain and several statues.

Paris is on the mezzanine floor ,the street lamps are just like the ones  in the city .

Tokyo is on the first floor, the lanterns are delightful.

London is on the second floor, I only missed some fish & chips.

Istanbul is on the third floor with colourful lamps.

San Francisco is on the fourth  floor and The Golden Gate as well.You can also enjoy Pier 21Food Terminal here.

Los Angeles & Hollywood are on the last floors.

There are several phone shops on these floors and  I honestly don't know why I have NO pictures ,I guess I was exahusted and that certainly gives me an excuse ( like if I needed one) to go back and find out what happened to "my missing floors"

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