Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Allegiant by Veronica Roth :Review

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)Whenever I start a book of a saga after having read the previous one a long time ago I always think  "never again, next time I'll wait until the whole saga is published before even starting it". As a matter of fact I usually find the first few chapters confusing to say the least. In Allegiant, however, the author makes an effort to remind the readers of the events in the previous book , which made it bit easier for me to remember who's who.

I was shocked when the origin of the factions was revealed , mainly because I didn't like  it , although it made a lot  of sense given the inhuman (or truly human) qualities of most of the characters. But I thought same old same old, the plot reminded me too much of all the dystopian novels I had read  and I expected something new from this one since the idea of the factions was so interesting.

Perhaps is just that ,perish the thought , I am getting tired of dystopian novels  or that there is too much war and fighting, too many lying governments , traitors, deaths, upheavals and uprisings and very little hope for humankind.

"I am not all right. I was beginning to feel that I had finally found a place to stay, a place that was not so unstable or corrupt or controlling that I could actually belong there.You would think that I would have learnt by now-such a place does not exist" (Tris)

" I feel sick. It seems like the rebellions never stop, in the city, in the compound anywhere. There are just breaths between them, and foolishly, we call those breaths peace" (Four) 

The book is indeed sad and discouraging , not the kind of reading you need if you are a bit under the weather. I think that both Tris and Tobias feel that they no longer have anything or anybody to hold on to , perhaps not even each other.No matter how gloomy the future is depicted in a  YA dystopian novel ,there should always be love , more than a little if possible for the reader to go on reading and for the characters to go on pursuing happiness.There is no need to say Allegiant is not a YA book , most of the characters may be young but the conflicts and the situations are as adult as they can be .

I cannot say that Allegiant was a page turner for me, in fact I didn't feel like finishing the book at all, since I feared that the worst was yet to come and I didn't have any memory serum to erase it from my mind.But the fact that I didn't like the plot doesn't mean at all that it  is a bad book or that it is not worth reading.

Veronica Roth has done a great job creating this saga and I really wonder whether the film or films based on her novels will be up to the  standard of the books.

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