Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Udon Noodles & Fun : Noodle Bar in Spain

A Noodle Bar in Spain? That has nothing to do with the traditional cuisine of the country, however, it is a welcome change from local food.

The franchise Udon Noodles & Fun has so far eight restaurants in the country:Barcelona, Sant Cugat,Sabadell, Madrid,Bilbao, Mataró, Terrasa and in Barajas Airport Terminal 1.

According to the website the venues are designed following the principles of Feng Shui . It seemed quite minimalist to me. There were comfortable stools to sit but no room to leave your belongings when the restaurant was full (specially after a shopping spree) and no separate tables, which may be fun sometimes.I  certainly missed the fact that it was impossible to see the kitchen f, I like seeing the cooks work in this type of restaurants.


 The food was good  and it looked delicious  but if you are used to real Asian taste you may find it a bit  too European.If you have never had Asian food and are reluctant to try it this may be the place for you to taste it for the first time.The service was fast since  it was early and the restaurant was almost empty and the quality of the meal was all right. You can order food from your computer or your phone (there is an app you can download from  the website) and take it away or have it delivered.

The menu includes  some starters, udon, yakisoba, soba, rice noodles, rice  and ramen, a few desserts and several types of tea.

Asparagus and tofu tempura

Duck and apple gyoza

Rice noodles with shrip,vegetables,egg and chicken

Seafood ramen

Ginger cheesecake

You can have a midday menu for around 10 €.

 By Foodie

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