Tuesday, 24 July 2012

You won't fall asleep with these TV series

Lots of series are coming back in autumn ,but not all of them.

I enjoy these TV series that are coming back in the autumn:

Modern Family
Once Upon a Time
The Good Wife
Hawaii Five-O
The Mentalist
Person of  Interest
Gossip Girl
The Vampire Diaries

I will miss Alcatraz, not so much the plot but the unlikely couple the FBI blonde girl and Lost's  Hugo made. I will also miss Harry's Law and  
The Ringer , it was just entertaining.

There are new shows as well :
 The Revolution http://www.nbc.com/revolution/.
 Arrow ,based on the comic character Green Arrow.
 Beauty and the Beast ,with Smallville's Kritin Kreuk.
The Carrie Diaries ,Carrie Bradshaw in the 80's,OMG I hate the clothes .
 And many more.

 I'll give them all a try and then decide which ones to watch.

By i.enjoy

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