Thursday, 26 July 2012

More dystopian novels

There are many dystopian novels out there, if you liked the genre and started with The Hunger Games you may be wondering what to read next.Here is a very interesting list of books if you don't know what to read

I am reading Once the second book of The Eve Trilogy click to see the official website, since I read Eve some time ago I don't remember the characters very well.
This is the problem with trilogies.Don't you think it is annoying having to wait so long and then being unable to remember? I have so many dystopian novels in my head that I get confused with:

  • What happened to the world? Was it a plague?What kind of plague?
  • Are the characters completely human? Half-vampires, half-robots,hybrids?
  • What's the date? (more or less)
  • Who is missing from the first book?
  • Some names are so weird that I don't remember whether they are boys or girls.
  • Where are they going? What do they want to get?
It takes me at least two or three chapters to remember.

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