Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Declaration Trilogy

 There is life after The Hunger Games

The Declaration Trilogy by Gemma Malley

The Declaration, The Resistance and The Legacy : not just another dystopian trilogy but an interesting and original one. In the year 2140 Longevity drugs have prevented people from ageing and the resulting overpopulation has changed the course of history forever : no children are allowed to be born unless one of their parents decides to stop taking the drugs. 

This is the story of Anna and Peter , surpluses , children who shouldn’t have been born and are kept in a special facility where they are raised to believe they don’t deserve to exist.

There is a little bit of romance, lots of action and adventure. The plot is engaging and it makes you think .The three books are already available so you don’t have to wait to read them just like with other dystopian trilogies .

A good read for the summer

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  1. I thought it was OK,but The Hunger Games is much better,real or not real?


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