Thursday, 1 January 2015

X-mas presents, bad gifts and poker faces

When you don't know what to buy to your loved ones , is it a good idea to give money instead of presents? Nowadays,  receiving money has become commonplace and gift cards abound in almost any shop, even in supermarkets. But is it a colder present or a wiser one?

We have all ended up with horrendous gifts we didn't like at all .Namely: socks, pyjamas, books on topics we will never read , household items ,ties, handkerchiefs, scarfs, flashy make up, useless gadgets ... and so on. (Come to think of it, I bet one of the main purposes of Ebay is to sell those products). We certainly wish we had been given money on more than one occasion, so why not do the same?

If there is goodwill ,I believe any present can be good ,if not, I'd rather not waste my time shopping  for somebody who doesn't even deserve a toothpick box and I prefer a little bit of cash or a gift card instead of an awful present.
However, when a present has been chosen carefully and the right amounts of money , time and LOVE have been devoted to purchasing it , that present becomes a pleasure to give and to receive .

For those who find it difficult not to show their feelings when opening a bad presents and also for after dinner games, this is an interesting video on how to make a poker face.

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