Friday, 9 January 2015

Nata Lisboa: Egg Tarts

I  guess China and specially Hong Kong is a strange place to eat for the first time these Portuguese  Custard Tarts or Pasteis de Nata, but that is where I had them, so when I finally had the chance of enjoying the actual Portuguese ones from the European franchise Nata Lisboa I was eager to see if they were better than my favourite ones from HK.The motto of this company is The World Needs Nata and I completely agree with it.

Nata Lisboa has shops is many countries .Its exclusive recipe was developed by pastry professionals and was the winner of a blind test performed in the School of Hotel Services and Tourism of Lisbon.

The cafĂ© was nice and the service good . They kept the tarts warm and they were  fresh. The dough was  crusty and in fact as good as it could  be, however , I found the custard too sweet and liquid in comparison to the ones from Lord Stow. Don’t get me wrong, they were  good and probably  someone with a sweet tooth would find them amazing, the place was packed and everybody seemed to be enjoying them, so it is just me and my slight dislike for sugary treats. 

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