Monday, 16 December 2013

Seven Things Adults Miss about Christmas

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year for children. As we grow older nothing is or tastes the same and we miss the way things were before .

1- Christmas started in October ,when all those advertisements appeared on TV and you began thinking about what to ask Santa for. Who, by the way, was incredibly rich and generous.

2-Once the Christmas Tree was set up in the living room you could start looking for all the sweets you knew were stored somewhere at home.

3- Food and numbers were not associated , you had no idea how many calories Christmas food had and what's more important you didn't care about it.Everything was delicious and the older the cook the better the food.

4-Everybody smiled at you in a special way. Only adults seemed to hold some grudges against each other and dealt with them usually after having eaten and drank when you were already running around with the rest of the children in the family.If you didn't like one of those children you just pushed him or her a couple of times , were done with it and back to playing.

5-You slept  like an angel on Christmas Eve, knowing that when you woke up  you would find wonderful presents , because the world was meant for children to be happy.

6- Santa wasn't very good at telling who had been naughty or nice, or perhaps he was really forgiving . You got presents even if you had been naughty.

7- Christmas was magic and there was always going to be another one in 12 months' time.


  1. It is true, some things will never be the same. But with a very little effort from ourselves, we can keep those feelings alive. Don´t let the reality ruin the Christmas Spirit! I don´t agree with those who say Christmas is only for children. It can´t be.
    Merry Christmas i.enjoy!!


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