Monday, 11 November 2013

The Good Wife : The Next Week Review: Alicia The Warrior

Alicia may be in warrior princess mode but this war is going to be long and there are going to be many casualties.She did have guts, though, to walk into Lockhart-Gardner again and sit there as a witness ( with no right to a bottle of water) instead of as a partner.

I don't think Alicia changed as Diane pointed out, I think her priorities changed. She got sick and tired of working for other people who stole her thunder and above all she got fed up with the way her relationship with Will was going, that is nowhere. Not that her brother ( who is definitely a terrible matchmaker) is 100% per cent right when he says that she was afraid of leaving her marriage for Will, but there is some truth in his words , more than Alicia wants to admit.

On the other hand the fight for the clients and the money is getting really dirty and we are going to find out who's naughty and who's nice .David Lee has no qualms about  resorting to anything to win but Diane may not be so willing to play so dirty, at least for now. 

What is amazing is the way Zach and Grace are neglected.Alicia is completely unaware of what is happening right under her nose. Those two have been left to their own devices while their mum is worried about her career.I do hope things start getting better before Alicia finds herself with  a new front at home.

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