Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Good Wife 5x08 Review: Two Yoko Ono Problems

Yoko Ono was said to have been a bad influence for the Beatles , David Lee compares Will's new young friend with this infamous woman,who by the way , may have been  completely innocent .

But she's not the only Yoko Ono in the show since Eli Gold has her own young friend as well. However I think that what Will is doing out of lust and spite Eli is doing because he is madly in love, head-over-heels in love , deeply infatuated with Natalie.

The offices ,OMG if they make them look like a hip start-up and Florrick-Agos thrives there , they can do anything. I just can't wait a week to see what they do, a miracle I guess.

The case they had in this chapter was in my opinion treated in a too funny way given how serious immigration , deportation and death threats are.Perhaps it was they way the scriptwriters had to show how absurd laws regarding these matters can sometimes be.

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