Saturday, 12 October 2013

Where to eat in Bali :Kafe in Ubud

Behind the simple name of Kafe  you can find a lively bistro with an atmosphere that may remind you of South America , delicious food and incredible desserts.There is a shop inside which sells environmentally friendly products because the owners believe in making this place the leading eco-friendly restaurant in Ubud.They purchase fair trade products and use locally grown and organic produce. Customers are also encouraged not to use plastic bottles or straws.

We had a craving for Mexican food and went several times there to have almost the same dishes because they were so goood!.Besides the atmosphere in the Kafe was really welcoming and the chocolate cake was amazing. So if you visit Ubud and want to have something other than Balinese or Asian cuisine do not hesitate , this place is really worth more than one visit.

By Foodie

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