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Lux Series: Obsidian,Onyx,Opal and Origin Review

This is the first time I do this: read four books of the same series one after the other.It took me the whole month of September and part of October. I really enjoyed the books and the way the characters developed as the story moved forward. Jennifer L.Armentrout has done a fine job mixing sci-fi and romance.

Why Obsidian? :It's the stone that kills the Arum

Obsidian (Lux, #1)Obsidian is the first book of the series .It has what you are usually looking for in this kind of books. A gorgeous boy and an average looking girl. At first they hate each other although they feel obviously attracted and he behaves in the most annoying way but we know he is going to change for the better. In this case the annoying-but-irresistible  Daemon Black turns out to be from a distant galaxy and as lame as it may sound the author makes it quite believable.Kate , however comes from Florida, has no friends and a blog .  Daemon's family, Dawson(who is missing) and Dee and their friends the triplets Ash , Andrew and Adam are equally impressive and alien.Kate and Daemon don't hit it off immediately but when they do ,they do for good  (Kate becomes Kitten and Daemon is still Jerk)and are united in such a way that their lives depend on each other and not just metaphorically.

However , as always, love comes with a price they are both willing to pay .The Arum, aliens who are just the opposite of the Luxen, chase them .

I must say that I really liked this first book and couldn't wait to read the second one.

Why Onyx?: it's the stone that weakens the Luxen.

Onyx (Lux, #2)

The side effects of this love-hate (a little) relationship between Daemon and Kate are beginning to show and this poses a greater danger to them, since the  DOD wants them as guinea pigs.

Some new characters appear (Blake, the new boy in town and Will , Kate's mum boyfriend)  with good and not so good intentions and Kate makes quite a few errors of judgement.And someone who was thought to be missing comes back .
My favourite part of the whole book is when Kate finally admits her feelings and thinks:

"...He was still a total smartass. And yeah, that smug grin still irked me. 

But I loved him.

And the jerk loved me too." 

Romance  is important in this book but there is much more to it.There is a complex alien plot and the characters have to deal with very difficult situations which make them grow and change.Lives are lost and life-changing decisions are made.

The story had definitely trapped me so I had to read the third book.

Why Opal: it's the stone that strengthens the Luxen.

Opal (Lux, #3)The relationship between Kate and Daemon is stronger and Daemon proves that he can be really romantic and vulnerable at the same time .

Kate , on the other hand, shows  determination and  strength , she is becoming somebody quite different from the clumsy girl in the previous books.

Now that Dawson , Daemon's brother is back from hell (the DOD headquarters) they have a new goal in mind : rescuing Beth, Dawson's girlfriend.

Luc , a boy too young to have his own night club and who has some qualities that make him special , helps them and Blake shows his true nature.

The Luxen and the hybrids join forces against the DOD but unfortunately someone's betrayal (I saw that coming ) comes in their way and one couple is back together but another one is separated.

I immediately started reading the fourth book.

Why Origin: it's the name of a new race.

Origin (Lux, #4)  In the hands of the DOD Kate faces fear , pain ,solitude and anger, as a result Kate does what would have been unthinkable for her just a few months before.But Daemon is not going to leave her alone for long even if he has to go against his own people and family.

The true goal of the government is finally revealed ,but the Luxen also turn out to have secrets of their own.

This novel is action packed and perhaps that's why I liked it a little bit less than the rest of the series and it ends with more deaths and more betrayals than any of the previous ones, but it is still worth reading.

On August 5th 2014 we will know where Daemon's true loyalties lie.What is thicker blood (or light in this case) or love?

I will definitely read it.

The story of Dawson and Beth. Two star-crossed lovers whose romance endangers their lives.

After reading the four books of the Lux series in a row I couldn't make myself read this one,but I am just putting it off for a while.

I would like to thank the author Jennifer L. Armentrout for making  September and part of October enjoyable for me and for giving me the chance of getting away from daily worries and making me dream about aliens and love, which for a sci-fi fan is great!.

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