Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Takedown by Corrie Wang : review

The Takedown
What I liked:

Amazing ideas about what life will be like in a not so distant future. Highly recommended for fans of Instagram and Facebook; it makes you think twice before posting anything. I also liked the language mix used by the author. I believe this is the kind of English/Spanish/Chinese/Japanese/French..... most people will be using soon .

What I didn't like so much:

I deeply disliked not only the main character but also her friends.Besides, all the technological jargon makes it sometimes difficult to understand what they are talking about.


If you are curious about what the future will be like (and I mean it will be this way unless people start caring about their privacy), read it.

If you want to read about a mean girl getting what she deserves, read it.

However, if you find tech jargon, teenage jargon or the use of several languages in the same sentence off-putting, you may not be able to finish it.

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