Monday, 31 August 2015

TV Series Cancellations : Fall 2015 and 2016

These are some of the cancellations of the TV shows I watched, for a full list click on

 Forever: cancelled after one season by ABC.  What a pity!.I really liked the show and the unusual  relationship between father and son the main characters had.

Revenge: cancelled after four seasons by ABC. I am sorry for the actors but I'm afraid the last season was getting quite boring .

Resurrection: cancelled after two seasons by ABC. I didn't like the plot very much, too creepy for me, but I liked the characters.

The Following: cancelled after three seasons by FOX. I am glad, I just could not take anymore violence and stabbing. I like Kevin Bacon and the rest of the good guys but the bad ones were getting on my nerves.

Gracepoint: cancelled after one season by FOX. I didn't watch more than two chapters, I won't miss it.

Wayward Pines: cancelled after one season by FOX. It started really well but then things got out of control,I just can't see it working as a TV series after the main character's death. I haven't read the novels it is based on.

Allegiance: cancelled by NBC after five episodes (although the rest are available online). I didn't see this one coming, and I really liked the show, both the plot and the characters. I will miss it.

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