Saturday, 22 November 2014

Vietnam: Life in the Mekong

Imagine a market place on a busy day, vendors and shoppers carrying goods around, bargaining , shouting and rushing home to prepare the daily meal.

Picture the houses around the market , families with children doing regular household chores ,washing up, cleaning, having a bath, cooking and eating.

Think of a busy road packed with traffic during the rush hour, vehicles going to and fro ,speeding up and slowing down. Everything full of people waving at each other, busy citizens minding their own business, naughty teenagers hanging out with their friends...

 Now , all of this in a river, boats instead of houses and cars, everybody is a sailor.The Mekong is  full of life .Tourists watch this incredible display with their mouths open, it is impossible to capture in a photograph or in a hundred how mundane and at the same time incredibly beatiful the river is.

By P.B.

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