Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City formerly known as Saigon used to be the capital of the French colony of Conchinchina (funny name) from 1955 until 1975.Nowadays the city boasts beautiful buildings , a war museum that I didn't have the courage to visit , heavy traffic, mostly motorcycles ,and a nice downtown area with good hotels and restaurants.

By PB.

Continental Hotel

The Central Post Office

The Municipal Theatre
Caravelle Hotel

Crowded streets

 Ben Thanh market is a popular destination for locals and tourists. However I must say that without the help of a nice policeman whose job is to walk with tourists and  cross the road to get to the market I would have never seen it.No matter how young and fit you are you think more than twice before risking your life in such a chaotic traffic.

Ben Thanh Market

Tue Thanh meeting house ,the Reunification Palace and  the church of Notre Dame are interesting landmarks in this city.

Tue Thanh in Chinatown

The Reunification Palace
Notre Dame

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