Friday, 19 September 2014

The Inca's Bridge (El Puente del Inca) in Mendoza ,Argentina

The so called Puente del Inca is a natural bridge over the Vacas River in the province of  Mendoza, Argentina. It is situated at 2,740 m (8,990 ft) above sea level.

In the pictures you can see an abandoned railway station which has been turned into a museum. The place is worth a visit  and even Charles Darwin thought so, when he went there in 1835.

In order to get there you can either rent a car or book an excursion, you will find lots of Argentinian tourists and some foreigners .

There is a church nearby.Argentina is mainly a Catholic country.

Even in September when the winter has already finished in the Southern Hemisphere, the weather is quite cold.

By Pibe

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