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Which Are The Best Portuguese Egg Tarts In China ?

One of the most delicious Portuguese desserts that happens to be very popular in China , especially in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, is the Egg Tart.

This so-called pastel de nata  or pastel de Belém was created in a monastery in Lisbon around two hundred years ago. Nowadays it can be found in many Asian countries, brought there by Portuguese descendants.

Since tasting local food is one of my favourite hobbies, I couldn't help but taste every single Egg Tart that I found during my trip to China. My aim was to find the best one and I did.

1st: Lord Stow's Bakery

It was rumoured to be the best and indeed it was, not too sweet and with a delicious flaky puff pastry. There are several outlets in Macau, unfortunately, all of them are a bit far from the historical area. The only place where you can buy them in Hong Kong is on the ground floor of the Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay, not far from the MTR. They are worth the trip.

2nd: Tong Yan Wu Yu Bakery

Walking up and down the popular Zhengyang pedestrian street you cannot this bakery in Guilin. It is always crowded and the Egg Tarts are kept warm and crusty at the back of the shop. They don't speak a word of English but point with your finger and show your money, they will understand.The Egg Tarts taste a little bit like coconut.

3rd: Hong Dong Shougan

On the way to Chunxi Road in Chengdu, there is a small shop which sells regular Egg Tarts and some with special flavours as well.They tasted slightly sweeter than the others I tasted.

4th: Koi Key Bakery

Right in the historical centre of Macau, you can find several outlets of this traditional bakery. I was too hungry after walking all the way to the Ruins of Saint Paul and I took a bite before the picture. They are a  little bit greasier than the others I tasted, IMHO.

According to both The Guardian and The CNN, egg tarts are among the world's best fifty foods.

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