Friday, 25 July 2014

Toxic Heart by Theo Lawrence : Review

Toxic Heart (Mystic City, #2)

I am always reluctant to start second parts, most of the times I find them disappointing.I liked Mystic City, the atmosphere , the characters and the plot . The dystopian version of Manhattan was apparently inspired by a trip to Venice according to the author's website in which you can find a very useful list of characters as well as mystic powers.
However, I almost put down this book in the first chapter because people were beginning to die really fast and I didn't like that idea. I continued reading though and I felt that Aria was going to have to grow up quickly in this novel in order to survive .While her family was as dysfunctional as always, Hunter , the cool boyfriend, was not so cool anymore and his behaviour seemed a bit suspicious to me.On the contrary the character of Turk was becoming more attractive and he was getting closer to Aria.

Among other traits that I like a lot , Aria's  vision proves to be  20/20 as she is mesmerised by the sight of Turk scarcely clad .Theo Lawrence wrote such a  descriptive paragraph that I almost found it funny.

"He doesn't see me. He's wearing a pair of snug navy boxers,towelling off his head after his shower.He's stunning.His legs are incredibly well defined, especially his calves, dusted with light brown hair...Turk is lean, all muscle. His body is so perfect it doesn' t even look real.Broad shoulders and a sculpted back that narrows to a thin waist ..."

The plot unfolds in a very interesting way.I wouldn't say surprising, because the reader is given many clues to guess what may happen. Aria does grow up and becomes a real heroine surprising not only Hunter but her enemies as well.

There is only one thing that I'd like to point out: I am not going to look at strawberries the same way, at least  for some time!


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