Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano: Review

Nearly Gone

Nearly Boswell not only has a unique first name but also a unique ability, when she touches somebody she feels that person's emotions.She also has a strange fixation with personal adds that a serial killer uses to attract her attention.

I googled baby names for a while ( soooo unlike me) to see if that name was even possible, I guess nowadays you can call a baby almost anything . The most original website that I found was After reading the book a bit more I learnt that she had got her name nearly by mistake.

Well, the book is the best YA mystery book I have read in a long time . A real page-turner, I read it so fast that I felt a little bit disappointed when I reached the end. It is not a disappointing ending though, but it is something you can figure out but I missed ,even if all the clues are there for the reader to find.

Elle Cosimano, the writer ,is a self-confessed book worm and this is unbelievably her first novel. The sequel Nearly Found won't be published until next year and we will read about Nearly's internship at a local forensics lab.

Elle attended The Writer's Police Academy and according to her this is the reason why the plot, setting and characters are much richer than in many YA novels. The paranormal pinch and the romance with the bad guy makes the novel even more interesting.

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