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Where to eat in Langkawi: Perdana Quay

 Perdana Quay is full of restaurants that attract many tourists tired of hotel food. Asian, Italian, International, Malay, Greek and Russian places to cater for almost all tastes.These are some of those ones.

You can enjoy a wonderful meal and a nice view in Perdana Quay
 Our favourite one without a shadow of a doubt was The Loaf Bakery & Bistro.You can dine inside with air conditioning or outside by the sea.The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, both western and eastern and includes a bakery with the most delicious pastries you can dream of. The service and especially the chef, who greeted us every day,  are excellent. The Crab Cake Sandwich and the Lobster Bisque were my favourite dishes.Besides you could choose the type of bread you wanted for the soups, I strongly recommend the sesame one, it was made in heaven.There is another Loaf at the Pavillion in KL.

Crab cake sandwich
Lobster Bisque with Sesame Bread

Just by The Loaf, there was a nice Italian restaurant where we had dinner once. Mare Blu  restaurant  was a nice place, with good service and good food,

In Tapaz restaurant we also had a good experience.Although the name sounds Spanish there was more Greek food that Spanish style one. 



Privilege Restaurant offered Malay style cuisine.It had very good reviews but we didn't  have the chance to go there.

 There was a Russian restaurant as well, with real Russian food which we didn't dare to taste and an Oriental style one as well. Nearby there was a pizza place which we didn't see open and a mini-market which came in handy more than once.

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