Monday, 23 September 2013

The Petronas Towers at Night : Photos and Tips

Some time ago I saw an article in a book about the Petronas Towers that I couldn't forget, somehow it got stuck in my mind for years. Then I watched that commercial : Malaysia Truly Asia, and I thought if not now ,then when?. 

The first time I saw the Petronas Towers I thought they were amazing, and I have thought so everytime I have seen them , specially at night.For me this building is second to none.

They were designed by the Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli and it took several years to build them. When you look at them you see what Malaysia is like, the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.And we you look around at the people who gather by the towers you see what the world is like , at least just for a few moments ,people from different places, races and beliefs together in peace.

The first time you see the towers should be at night, that way you can really appreciate the magnificent beauty of the building.

This is the way you see the Petronas if you come to KLCC using the newly built and really handy walkway  (more or less 15 minutes on foot  from the Pavilion )and walk along the park.Don't take the underground passage to the shopping centre, it's much longer and be careful with the car that takes guests to and fro from the Traders hotel.

Walk along the park to see them properly from the front. It is a really safe area full of people of all ages and some security guards. 

                       The light and water show makes the towers  even more beautiful.

See more interesting information on how to get there, tickets to the skywalk , Aquaria....  here.


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