Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Girl Who Died by Wendy Dranfield

The Girl Who Died
Guilt consumes Hannah, it prevents her from leading a normal life. Her nights are full of nightmares and her days of remorse. But she deserves it, doesn't she? She's done something unspeakable, something she cannot change.
Making poor decisions as a teenager is part of the growing process for most people and Hanna is no exception.

At the beginning I read voraciously, wanting to know what, when, how and why she had done what she did. Eager for answers. Then the book slowed down a bit and I got my responses which unfortunately didn't satisfy me a hundred percent. I understood the situation and although it was plausible, some parts were certainly a bit difficult to believe.

I would not recommend this novel to young readers because there are some issues in the book that may upset sensitive people. They made me skip several pages because I just cannot deal with reading about certain topics which involve hurting children.

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