Sunday, 30 October 2016

Replica by Lauren Oliver : review.

Replica (Replica, #1)

I don't like clones, I don't know why they scare me, besides they are mainly short-lived creatures with no brains , at least until Lauren Oliver decided to write a book ( I mean two books) about them . I was hesitant, doubtful , reluctant , I didn't want to read it but I had to give it a try , it was Lauren Oliver after all. My fears were unfounded, the novels are good at the beginning and they gradually get better. I even liked the clones!. The fact that the main characters were into each other quickly didn't disappoint me , I understood that they really needed to find someone to rely on and to love , their loneliness was unbearable.

However, like many other readers I thought the book was a stand alone novel and I was utterly surprised when it ended.

I would recommend this book to YA readers, but younger fans should take into account that the topics the author deals with are not pleasant and I must confess I skipped a page or two because of a vivid and extremely sad description I am not going to reveal here. I also recommend reading the novel alternating the chapters, it's much more interesting that way, I wouldn't say fun , because it is not a fun read ,it is thought-provoking and gripping but not fun.

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