Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Gilded by Chistina Farley : pictures of South Korea and review.

I read this book before,during and after a trip to South Korea and I highly recommend it to people who are visiting that country. In the novel you will find references to the amazing underground system in Seoul, the palaces,the KTX train,the coffee shops,the food and the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

 Besides you will also find a romantic love story and a kickass heroine who doesn't give up. Korean mythology is  also skilfully depicted throughout the novel.

 This is Haechi, The Guardian of Seoul, which helps the main character in the book.

This is a picture from one of the parts of  Gyeongbokgung palace which she visited with her father and I visited during my trip.

This is a platform in a Seoul subway station.

 The most impressive part of the subway system is line 9,the newest part. These are sculptures in  Bongeunsa station.

 This is Hotteok , a sweet and delicious pancake she eats and I must say I liked.

This is Busan KTX station , where she travels and I travelled as well.

This is inside the KTX, a super fast train.

Christina Farley, a former school teacher in Seoul, has written a compelling beginning to a saga that will appeal to many YA readers.

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