Sunday, 14 June 2015

Mindwalker by A.J. Steiger

Mindwalker (Mindwalker, #1)
Mindwalker by A. J. Steiger has many elements of dystopian and non-dystopian novels I have read before and yet it kept me interested until the very last page.

In a world run by shrinks , Lain is a mindwalker who helps people erase traumatic memories. Her relationship with Steven a.k.a the bad gorgeous guy is not very memorable , though. I wouldn't say the romantic part of the book is its most relevant feature, I found Steven bland to say the least. Their love affair failed to attract me but I do understand the behaviour of that character ,given the horrible experience he went through as a child.

What will make your continue reading is the original ideas developed by the author. A. J. Steiger depicts a society in which citizens are classified according to their mental health.Type Ones are healthy enough to be members of the government or to have a relevant role . Type Fives , however, are bound to have all their memories deleted to prevent them from committing crimes. People are constantly scanned and checked and the slightest offence can make anybody lose his or her citizen's rights . If you think you are not strong enough to take this pressure , there is even a legal drug that can help you pass away painlessly. The moment you get the prescription you are officially considered dead whether you take it or not.

I think that the book reflects how we tend to classify people one way or another , unfairly most of the time and how difficult it is to escape from prejudices.

Mindstormer, the second novel , will probably show us the way the characters finally overcome this oppressive society.

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