Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Alienated by Melissa Landers: Short Review

Alienated (Alienated, #1)
This is indeed a different book. The truth is that I didn't like the characters at all at the begining, none of them, actually. They were far too rude for me, almost unpleasant.

 However, somehow I continued reading and they really grew on me. The story is a very original combination of humour, drama, romance and science fiction that makes sense.

 It also has some deep thoughts about how nice and not-so-nice humans are and the way we behave when push  comes to shove.

The aliens have the ability to make humans feel what they are feeling and there is a beautiful description of how one of the characters feels LOVE

" She wasn't prepared for what came next. A split-second rush of chest-swelling 
desire inflated her lungs, lifting her rib cage until her body felt melded with his.

Sensations of devotion and tenderness flashed through her in an instant, forcing her to exhale or burst.
Every inch of her skin flashed hot and prickled into gooseflesh while her heart fluttered like humming bird wings.
Her limbs lightened , and she grasped two handfuls of his shirt to stay grounded.
 It was both terrifying and glorious in its intensity. 

It was love"

The ending is as happy as it can be so all in all if you are a  YA fan of romance and sci-fi you may well like it.

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