Sunday, 23 February 2014

Long Son and Hai Duc Pagodas in Vietnam

 In the city of Nha Trang in Vietnam apart from beautiful beaches there are sights worth visiting for the tourist who gets tired of sunbathing. Long  Son Pagoda , previously known as  Đăng Long Tự , has been relocated and renovated several times .

 There is a 14 metre long reclining Buddha with a happy smile and huge feet.



From there you can easily get to  Hai Duc Pagoda and see a beautiful white statue of Buddha which from the ground up is 24 metres high.


 The picture below shows a  "swastika" comes from the Sanskrit svastika - "su" (meaning "good" or "auspicious") combined with "asti" (meaning "it is"), along with the diminutive suffix "ka." The swastika literally means "it is good". The first time I saw one in a Buddhist temple I was astonished because I didn't know the origin of the symbol.

The Gautama Buddha statue is impressive and can be seen on Google maps.

By PB.

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