Sunday, 31 March 2013

Beta by Rachel Cohn review

Beta (Annex, #1) One of the very few disadvantages of using an e-reader is that you can't really enjoy beautiful covers just like the one on this book,but it is also true that you are less likely to buy a book because of the cover.

Beta is more than a beautiful cover,though.It's the story of  Elysia , a  clone with no soul who  starts having human feelings and desires even if she was created in a laboratory.And it is also the story of the people who surround her .

Demesne , the island where the novel takes place , is like heaven on Earth,but unlike  in heaven good deeds are not necessary to get in , only wealth .The rich and the powerful do as they please on the island and despite being human and having souls their behaviour is rather inhuman .

Are clones better than the humans who created them?Are they really capable of feeling love and what about hatred?.The book answers some of these questions and ends with a cliffhanger that makes you want to continue reading.

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