Thursday, 17 January 2013

Epitaph Road by David Patneaude

Epitaph Road Almost NO MEN at all.
No male politicians ,no firemen,no postmen,no milkmen,no dustmen ,no
This is what the world is like in 2097.
Is the world better off without men?Well, you be the judge.

No crime.
No violence.
No pollution.
No wars.
No hunger.
A BRIGHT FUTURE (at least for women)

Seems too good to be true but that is the way the author describes a society run by women after a deadly virus killed 97% of the male population in the world.The remaining men are strictly supervised and controlled with no chance of gaining power again.

All the chapters of the book start with an epitaph for a man who died during the outbreak ,some are really sad and hard to read, some are even  funny.Some men were deeply loved and some were hated.

Kellen, against all odds and despite the efforts of scientist, was born a man.He hardly ever sees his father and lives surrounded by women.His mum is a member of PAC (Population Apportionment Council) and has very little time for him.However in one of her short visits Kellen finds out something that may endanger his father's life and needs to do something about it.Eventually, he has to face the truth about what happened in the past and what may happen again in the future and make some tough decisions.

This book makes you think.

Would you feel safer on your way home at night if there were no men around?
I say yes.
Would you worry less about your appearance?
I say yes.
Would the glass ceiling disappear at work?
I say yes.
Would you be able to do without some men in your life?
I say yes.


Would you be able to do without...
your dad,
your brother,
your boyfriend,
that geek friend of yours who is always around when the computer breaks,
that childhood friend you used to make mud pies with and ended up throwing them at each other,
that super nice and cute shop assistant who always finds exactly what you need,
those men who open doors and carry heavy bags without being patronising ?

 I say NO.

Epitaph Road makes you wonder whether women are better than men.
I guess it depends on the person.

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