Monday, 19 November 2012

Black Friday: 5 tips for customers and shop assistants.

Black Friday is a crazy sales day just before the Christmas period in the U.S.A. Sometimes spending your money can be a tiring experience and working on that day is not a piece of cake either.Here are some tips that may help .

For  shoppers:

1- Plan in advance: make a list of what you need and what you really can afford.

2-Try to get some discounted gift cards and  go online to find out about good deals and extra discounts.  It is also a good idea to download some price comparison apps for your smartphone to use in the store.

3-While you are in the store keep calm, check the price tag and make sure that the store next door is not offering a better deal.

4-High-end electronics will probably be cheaper in January , toys will have lower prices as Christmas approaches and on Cyber Monday you may get better discounts on clothes.

5-It's almost impossible not to eat too much on Thanksgiving so try to have a healthy breakfast before shopping . Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and don't forget that the shop assistants are working hard for you that day.

Happy bargain hunting!

For  shop assistants:

1-Try to enjoy Thanksgiving even if you have to get up really early on Friday.

2- It will be like running a marathon without moving from your store, so you will need supplies: water or energy drinks and food.

3-If possible wear comfortable shoes and try to put a smile in your face (easier said than done after working for very long hours ).

4-Even if they act like a crazy group of aliens from another planet invading your store ,shoppers are human, you may even know some of them.

5-Breath deeply and think that it will be over.

Good luck !

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