Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)  
Insurgent :  lots of action + some romance + a little bit of thinking (or a lot ).

The book starts with Tris  in the Amity headquarters. She has to deal with her past , the death of her parents and her romance with Tobias (Four).

I like the fact that she cuts her hair at the beginning of the book, I think it is a way to symbolise her will to overcome the loss of her mother.She knows she has to move on and changes her appearance to try to forget when she used to comb her hair.However no matter how much  she tries and how much she changes she is still her parents' daughter.

Let's ramble a bit about the factions:

I deeply dislike the Amity people.How can they be neutral? It is not possible to be friends with everybody if you know the difference between right and wrong and if you care about it.

Abnegation people are a little boring , to say the least.They seem to lack personality.They remind me of the members of  a cult.Although during the attack they were very brave and willing to sacrifice themselves for the survival of their society and later on  some of them prove to be even braver.So perhaps they are not so boring, just focused on what needs to be done.

Dauntless people,however, are fun, crazy,but fun.They act, don't think much and act again.They are livelier than members of other factions but the cruelest faction as well.

Candor people are honest ,just like children, they tell you exactly what they think and want you to do the same .Peter used to be Candor, which is funny because he is just the opposite,but not so funny if you take into account that Candor people are known to be merciless.

Erudite people started the war.They wanted to control information, and they had no qualms about making dauntless soldiers kill for them.Tris finds out that a member of her family was born into the Erudite.

Factionless people seem to lack the necessary qualities to be member or a faction, both the good and the bad ones,but in my opinion mainly the good ones.Four's mother turns out to be one of them, a fine example of motherhood, to say the least.

Divergent people belong to at least two factions, Tris to three.People with flexible minds.

Done with the rambling.

In the book Tris grows into a young adult,not easily though.We learn more about the factions and about their society. If you liked Divergent , you will probably like Insurgent as well. 

I think both novels deal with what it means to be human , our flaws and our virtues in a very innovative way. They also make us wonder what faction we would chose depending on  our best and worst traits. 

It was hard for me to finish the book. There was so much fighting , hatred, secrets,betrayal... I was getting tired, just like after watching the news or reading the newspapers when everything seems to be bad and getting worse. That's why I couldn't agree more with the way the book ends and I am really happy I finished it. I just hope to find some good news in the third book, some hope.

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