Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Phase by E.C. Newman

Phase (Phase Trilogy, #1) An average school girl , a long-time crush ,a new friend and wolves. Sophie Todd's life is about to change  forever during her senior year.

I liked Sophie  from the very beginning, she is honest with herself and brave ,she sticks up for someone she barely knows and at the same time she is just a regular girl, sometimes awkward and clumsy.

Julie is the new girl in town, a foster teenage  living with the Vardens,gorgeous and with a troubled past.
Ezra Varden , Sophie's crush,doesn't pay much attention to Sophie, just acknowledges her presence which is more than enough for her ,at least at first.

Sophie and Julie become friends and they hang out together at the Varden's and that's where she finds out the true nature of the pack, I mean , family.

The book is really easy to read .It has to do more with High School , bullies , friendship and first love than with  supernatural beings. I think it is a great first book for young people who have never considered this genre before.

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