Musings of a Muse  notions and potions from a beauty junkie.

Make up Alley  beauty product reviews

Frostedsnow Korean beauty and style.

Nicole's Mirror  many reviews of Asian brands.

Universal Doll real Japanese street fashion, make-up and travel.


Micaminoblanco food for the soul and the body in Spanish.

Amy Kathleen Ryan's blog one of my favourite authors.

Sensophy  wisdom for extraordinary living.


Goodreads to read the spoilers and know whether I'm going to like a book or not.


The sartorialist the best street style site.

The cool hunter to be in the know.

Vogue magazine  the latest fads and trends.

Trendencias trends in Spanish.


The New York Times style section   what's going on in The Big Apple.


Fancy  the coolest and trendiest stuff.


Afar  travelling.

Visit Korea  the best way to find information about South Korea.

Intelligent Travel the National Geographic Traveller's blog.

Tripadvisor  worth checking before planning a trip.


Rotten Tomatoes  film reviews and tomatoes.


Foodology dissecting food around the world.

Eating Asia  makes you hungry.

Guiaoleo  Buenos Aires restaurant reviews.

La Caccavella truly Italian.

Openrice  Hong Kong restaurant reviews.

 Japanese Cooking 101 easy to follow authentic Japanese recipes.

Secrets of Sushi   useful videos and explanations for beginners.

Zagat NY restaurant reviews.


Soundcloud where you can listen to almost anything.

and more...

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